Frequently asked questions - Aircraft usage

posted by Frank Van Soldt on 2020-06-09

Dear pilot,

Welcome to Dutchwings!

Please see below the answer to frequently asked questions about flying for Dutchwings Virtual Airlines:

Can I fly any aircraft?

No, you can only fly the aircraft in our fleet. Just like in real life, the aircraft and registration for a certain flight is dependent on its availability.
This means that the aircraft type of a scheduled flight is just a suggestion. Therefore, please feel free to try and fly a different aircraft in our fleet.
However, your responsibility as a pilot is to make sure that the aircraft meets the runway requirements and does not exceed MTOW. Many secondary airports cannot accommodate a full loaded wide-body aircraft and it would only be realistic to use a small or medium-size aircraft.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,

Frank van Soldt
COO Dutchwings